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How the HP name and logo were taken over by HPE  (Mar 17, 2018. Updated Jul 14, 2021.)

Many have found that Hewlett-Packard Company positions on their LinkedIn profiles were changed to Hewlett Packard Enterprise -- even positions that ended years before HPE even existed or positions that had nothing to do with what became HPE products. In addition, logos on many positions were changed from the internationally-recognized "hp" logo to a wordless version of the HPE green-rectangle logo. Recruiters view illogical entries -- such as HPE employment before Nov 2015 -- as signs of a fake profile.  

It appears that this change was made by HPE, not by LinkedIn.

- For most companies, there is a "company page" on LinkedIn that is maintained by the company in question -- with a company name and logo provided by the company.

- Each company page on LinkedIn is managed in the LinkedIn databases by "company number" rather than company name.

- Instead of creating a new company page for the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, it appears that HPE took over and rewrote the Hewlett-Packard company page -- Company Number 1025

- A side effect was that the logos displayed on the profiles of many former and current HPers were changed -- regardless of where or when they worked at Hewlett-Packard.

- HPInc created a new HPInc company page from scratch -- Company Number 5390798 

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