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Stock administrators used by HP-related companies

This page is one step of our Stock Recovery Process. There is a link to the next step at the end of this page. If you haven't gone through the previous steps to determine which of six HP-related stocks you should have, start here: Employee Stock

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Member advice on Obtaining Stock Records

Long-time HP employees will have old statements from HP's previous transfer agents -- which also administered the various employee stock purchase plans over the years:

- Harris Trust.

- Computershare. Bought the Harris registry business in 2001.

- ChaseMellon. Joint venture between Mellon and Chase in 1995.

- BNY Mellon. Unencrypted backup tapes with information on 12 million shareholders -- including HP's -- were twice lost by BNY couriers in 2008. (We got one year of identity monitoring service. No members reported breaches.)

- Computershare again. Bought the Mellon registry business in 2012.


- HP's transfer agent is Equiniti. Bought Shareowner Services division of Wells Fargo in 2019.

- HP employee purchase administration is now at the benefits administration division of Fidelity.

So far members report finding paperwork for their HP-related stock and options from the following 13 administrators -- hired at various times over the years by the various HP-related companies.

In alphabetical order:

- American Stock Transfer (Micro Focus)

- BNY Mellon

- Chase/Mellon  (Administrator for "Hewlett-Packard Share Ownership Plan" which replaced the "Stock Purchase Plan" on Nov 1, 2000.)

- Computershare

- Equiniti (formerly the Shareowner Services division of Wells Fargo.)

- Fidelity NetBenefits division

- Fiserv (HP options)

- Harris Bank and Trust

- Morgan Stanley

- Merrill Lynch MyBenefits division (Merrill Lynch also has a separate local-office-based retail brokerage division)

- Smith Barney (now Morgan Stanley)

- StockCross (HP options)

- Wells Fargo Shareholder Services division (now Equiniti.)

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