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What I wish I had known before layoff, retirement, or leaving. (Most recent additions Feb 18, 2023)

HPAA members were asked: "What do you wish you had known before you left?"

The responses have been organized into several articles:

- Heads Up - Surprises and Hazards

- Job and Career Issues

- Benefits Issues

- Financial Issues

- Looking at the Big Picture

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Also use our ASAP Checklist. Member advice on what to do before losing access to company systems -- and in the following few weeks. Supplements the official checklists. (No password required.)

These issues are discussed on the HPAA's Benefits and Finance forums -- another reason why you need to join the HPAA once you are sure you know you are leaving or being laid off.  Join the HP Alumni Association: If formerly a regular, direct U.S. employee of HP or HPE -- or in the process of leaving. No charge, thanks to HPAA's Supporting Members.

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