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Advice and reference info from members of the independent HP Alumni Association.   

Join the HPAA's Benefits Forum Covers topics such as COBRA and retiree health benefits, annual enrollment, and transition to Medicare.

(Updated Nov 7, 2022.) Comments: info@hpalumni.org

(Note that HP does not have control over this much-modified, complex, and awkward website -- no doubt it is used for hundreds of Alight's corporate clients.)

Key point: Alight wants you to make a choice for next year -- and stick to it. To later see details on your original choice -- or revisit your alternatives -- you have to work around Alight's website design.

Go to https://www.myhpbenefits.com (Bookmark this link.)
This link will always work. The link you ultimately land on will change -- therefore don't bookmark the final landing page.
(BTW, the login page is confusing because the photo is randomly selected each time you visit.)

To revisit the plans available to you next year:

Click the headline "You made your benefit choices. Make changes until Nov 11, 2022" or the small blue "Make Changes to Your Benefit Choices"

(For a pop-up to see or download the 2023 Enrollment Guide for your Retiree Program, click the small gray button "Learn more.")

> Green oval button "Review or change"
Update dependent information, if applicable
> Blue oval "Continue"
> Small blue phrase under the price "Review/Change"
Check appropriate black "Compare" boxes
> Scroll up to click small gray "Compare plans" button
(If you are considering plans from Alight Retiree Health Solutions, you need to print plan features from this site and Alight to compare.)

To only see your current coverage:
Homepage > Scroll down and click blue oval button "View details" under "Medical." >
Click large blue square "Review your HP health and insurance coverage and costs."

Other documents...

"Who you can cover" -- Effective Jan 1, 2023 [current]
Homepage > "Forms & Plan Information" > Benefits Communications

"Quick Facts: Medicare and HP medical benefits" -- Oct 2022 [current]
Homepage > "Forms & Plan Information" > Benefits Communications

Feature summaries of all HP medical options -- including ones not available to you. Effective Jan-Dec 2023. [current as of 10/3/22]
Homepage > "Forms & Plan Information" > Coverage Summary Charts

Enrollment Guide for 2022. [out of date]
Homepage > "Forms & Plan Information" > Benefits Communications

Legal Summary Plan Description for your HP retirement plan -- "Comprehensive SPD" (Includes What's Changing Guides from 2013 through 2020 and 2013 SPD) [Current as of Oct 2019]
Homepage > "Forms & Plan Information" > Summary Plan Descriptions

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