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HP History: 2. Company Culture.  (Updated Nov 10, 2021)

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The HP Way "We have trust and respect for individuals..."
"The Great Innovators" Business Week: "...the birthplace of a new approach to management"
"Great Garages" Forbes: "...the key to the greatness of Bill Hewlett and David Packard was that they held no attachment to things, only people."
"Founding Fathers" Stanford Magazine: "...their contribution... was as much organizational as technological."
"Origins" watch  watch HP's 2005 film -- photographs, oral histories, film footage, and interviews with former employees
HP History and Facts HP: Timeline, Virtual Museum
Bill Hewlett on Management "The Human Side Of Management" by Bill Hewlett -- on private site of Ed Sharpe
Don't lock Lab Stock Example of "We have trust and respect for individuals."
Packard on Management David Packard's "11 Simple Rules... for getting along with others" -- 1958
HP Way "The HP Way was a way of life"
HP Way When -- and why -- HP started capitalizing the "W" in "HP Way" in 1995. (Page 2)
Fantasia (pages 8-11) HP's very first sale -- eight of Bill's audio oscillators to the Walt Disney Company. "Fantasia premiered on November 13, 1940, at New York's Broadway Theater, one of only 12 theaters in the world specially equipped to run it ...three sound horns behind the picture screen instead of the usual one, plus 56 small house speakers placed strategically through the auditorium. Disney engineers used HP Model 200B audio oscillators to test the various channels, recording equipment and speaker systems in the theaters that showed the film."
Agilent History Agilent: Timeline
HP CEOs and Chairmen Wikipedia: Page with links to Wikipedia articles on each HP CEO and Chairman. [Note: Wikipedia is very useful. However, the articles can be written, rewritten, or edited by anyone -- and therefore may not be accurate or current, often change dramatically over time, may not cover all aspects of the topic consistently, and may not be written from a neutral point of view.]
HP Garage HP: History of the garage and the first years of the company
Acquisitions, Divestitures HPAA's list of dates when HP acquired and divested companies
Employment "HP increases its leading product: Ex-HP Employees" San Jose Mercury, June 1, 2020.

Bill Hewlett distributing bonus checks in 1954.

  Bill Hewlett distributing bonus checks in 1954.

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