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Automatically sort incoming mail

You can change your subscription to any Google Group to "Digest" (You are sent a single email for each group if there are any posts that day. Includes full copies of that day's posts.) Highly recommended. You know what is being discussed in your groups, but get few emails. How to change your HPAA membership settings

...or you can set up your email system to automatically sort your incoming mail into folders.

This is the most efficient way to use any distribution list or newsletter subscription -- not just HPAlumni emails -- and can be used to manage incoming mail related to certain subjects or people. With pre-sorted mail, you can efficiently deal with similar messages together. 

You then periodically open each of your "inbox" folders. Delete the ones you are not interested in. Open the others. Reply, save, or delete as appropriate.

Once you take a few minutes to set up your email to automatically sort your incoming mail into a few "inbox" folders, you will never go back to having one overwhelming random inbox!

How to do it:

1. Create a couple of new folders in your email program. (Depending on your email system, you can name a folder with a number, exclamation point, period, or hyphen as the first character -- so that it will be first in the list of folders.) For example, a folder named "!HPAlumni" that makes it easy to follow discussions on the forums.

2. Make filters. You have to experiment a bit -- for example some email filters ignore punctuation characters, like the [Square brackets] in email list subject lines.

- Gmail............ Gear icon > "Settings" > "Filters and Blocked Addresses" > "Create a new filter"

- Yahoo Mail.... Gear icon > "More Settings" > "Filters" > "Add new filters"

- Outlook......... Gear icon > "View all Outlook settings" > "Rules" > "Add new rule"

- Apple Mail..... Open selected message > "Mail" menu > "Preferences" > "Rules" > "Add Rule"

- AOL Mail....... Options > "Mail Settings" > "Filter Settings" > "Create Filter"

Have directions for other email systems? Please email us: info@hpalumni.org

Updated Mar 11, 2021  Question? Email: info@hpalumni.org

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