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You can set up your email system to automatically sort your incoming mail into different inboxes.

This is the most efficient way to use any distribution list or newsletter subscription -- not just HPAA emails -- and can be used to manage incoming mail related to certain subjects or people. With pre-sorted mail, you can efficiently deal with similar messages together. Available in almost all email systems. Automatically sort incoming email

How to change to a single daily email or change your address.

Each HPAA group (News, Benefits, Finance, Jobs, TechTalk, and Memorials) has a separate subscription list. The subject line of each email gives the name of the group in square brackets -- i.e. [HPAA Benefits] 

For each group, your email setting choices are:

- "Each email" (You are sent an email for each post.) This is the default.

- "Digest" (You are sent a single email for each group if there are any posts that day. Includes full copies of that day's posts.) You know what is being discussed in your groups, but get few emails. However, if you reply to a digest, you must remember to trim off the old content of the digest before you send your reply.

- "Abridged" (A single email for each group -- with sender and subject for each post for the day. Click on the links for the posts of interest.) Not recommended.

- "No email" (If you are using Gmail for HPAA and wish to sign on to your Google account to read the posts online.)

Your email settings can be different for each group.

If you are using a Gmail account for HPAA:

1. Go to https://groups.google.com/my-groups and change your Gmail settings for each group in the "Subscription" column.

2. Then go to https://www.hpalumni.org/move to join other HPAA groups with your Gmail account -- News, Benefits, Finance, Jobs, TechTalk, and Memorials.

If you are not using a Gmail account for HPAA, send us a note to have us change your Google Groups settings. (You can't do it yourself.)

To change your email setting, unsubscribe, or change email address -- please send a single note to the HPAA volunteer team -- subs@hpalumni.org -- with these details:

1. Specify what you want done with your membership for which groups:

- HP Alumni News. [HPAlumniNews] Succinct once-a-month emails with links to information for U.S. HP/HPInc/HPE alumni on topics such as HP-related stock, professional networking, discounts, and local events. (No corporate or product news.)

- Benefits Forum. [HPAA Benefits] Discuss U.S. HP/HPInc/HPE COBRA and retiree health benefits, including Annual Enrollment and transition to Medicare. Moderated. 

- Finance Forum. [HPAA Finance] Discuss U.S. pension, employee stock, Social Security, and other personal finance issues from an ex-HP/HPInc/HPE perspective. Moderated.

- Job-Post Group. [HPAA Jobs] U.S. openings posted by recruiters, employers, and fellow members who are looking for people with HP/HPInc/HPE experience and expertise. Moderated.

- TechTalk Forum. [HPAA TechTalk] Discuss personal technology issues from an ex-HP/HPInc/HPE perspective. Moderated.

- Memorials Group. [HPAA Memorials]  Obituary and memorial service announcements for current and former U.S. HP/HPInc/HPE employees. Submit an announcement Moderated.

2. Include your full name -- and all former or forwarded email addresses you may have used for your HPAA membership.

Please allow a couple of days for our volunteers to make the changes.


If questions, please email: info@hpalumni.org 

(Updated Apr 3, 2021.)

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