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Micro Focus Issues  (Sep 1, 2023)

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How to get your LinkedIn profile to show the correct company for each position. LinkedIn Tips & Traps - Positions

Summary of the two 2023 MFGP stock events:

(Previous events: If you owned any HPE stock on Sep 1, 2017, you received 13.7 American Depository Shares of Micro Focus (MFGP) per 100 HPE shares -- valued at $29.34/share -- due to the spinoff of HPE Software. Since then, MFGP price has ranged as low as $1.25. Next, if you owned any MFGP stock on Apr 30, 2019, you received 0.8296 new MFGP "B" shares plus $4.30 cash, replacing each original "A" share, after Micro Focus sold the SUSE Linux business.)

- If you owned any Micro Focus (MFGP) stock on Jan 31, 2023... Micro Focus was bought for cash by OpenText at a 90% premium. PRSP stock was retired. Either $6.43 per MFGP "B" share was paid into your brokerage cash account or a check was mailed by Feb 14 2023. This does not affect your right to claim under the settlement, which is based on events from 2017 to 2019. Details: https://www.hpalumni.org/StockMicroFocus 

- If you received Micro Focus shares between Sep 1, 2017 and Aug 28, 2019 -- as part of the Sep 1, 2017 HPE Software spinoff or otherwise. Settlement of shareholder class action lawsuit. Claim deadline was Jun 30, 2023.  https://www.hpalumni.org/StockMicroFocusSuit

Contacts: Micro Focus UK and U.S. Headquarters [scroll down]  Other countries: https://www.microfocus.com/about/contact/

On Sep 9, 2017, HPE Software was spun out and merged with the UK company. Details and tax issues for HPE stockholders.

Micro Focus is a completely separate company -- not a legal successor to EDS or HPE.

Which HP-related companies have me classified as a retiree or former employee? Given HP's history of acquisitions and spinoffs, this may not be obvious. If any doubt, check here: Which Company

Employment verification and experience letters for Hewlett-Packard, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and related companies. Employment and Experience Verification

If you received a letter from Social Security entitled "Potential Private Retirement Benefit." How to decode the letter and who to contact: Potential Benefit letter

If you have stock paperwork or certificates for Micro Focus:  Micro Focus Stock   

For those who transitioned to Micro Focus:

- 401(k) Members report that the next 401(k) match payout was to be on the date of their transition.

- Classified as a former employee or retiree of HPE. Treated as though you left HPE to join any other company. Entitled to whatever retiree coverage you qualified for at the time you left HPE.

- Some HPE retirees are covered by an HP retiree medical program. Depending on age, years of service, and other factors, you may qualify for the HP "Pre-2003 HP Retiree Medical Program" -- instead of an HPE program. ("2003" refers to the year when HP implemented the program, not necessarily your year of retirement.) Legally retirees of HPE. However, HPE has paid HPInc to administer health benefits for those HPE retirees. (All other responsibilities for HPE retirees are handled by HPE.) How to tell if you are qualified for Pre-2003: https://www.hpalumni.org/Pre2003

Fortune article summarizing breakup of Hewlett-Packard into HPInc, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC, and Micro Focus.

"Transaction valued at approximately $8.8 billion, including 50.1% ownership of the new combined company by HPE shareholders and a $2.5 billion cash payment to HPE." --original Sep 7, 2016 HPE announcement

Pre-spinoff diagram of Micro Focus product history, including the product lines being acquired from HPE -- ArcSight, Autonomy, Mercury, Opsware, Peregrine, Tower, Vertica  -- with the original HP acquisition price for each. MicroFocus-HPES Portfolio 4/1/17

Micro Focus sold the Atalla hardware security business (formerly part of HPE)  Announcement   Also sold the profitable 1,400-employee SUSE Linux business (formerly part of Novell) for $2.5 billion in cash. Announcement  Financial Times  The Register

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