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Passport HPInc Retiree Discount Card. Discounts on Non-HP products and services for HPInc retirees.

From former employees of HP and HPE. (June 4, 2024)  Question? Email: info@hpalumni.org

The free "HP Retiree Passport Corporate" program (No report of a similar program for HPE retirees) now includes most of the restaurants on the popular, long-standing $79/year "Passport Dining" program -- in addition to ads for many other products and services, including Lenovo notebooks.. The emails have the HP logo with subject lines like "May is Mental Health Awareness month!"

To register for Passport, go to "HP Continuum" -- HPInc's official U.S. retiree social networking site. Includes details on retiree discounts -- plus benefits material not available on MyHPBenefits. Join at https://www.hpcontinuum.com  (No report of a similar program for HPE retirees.)

You provide them with your email, name, and city. Your browser or app displays a list of restaurants, stores, and online offers based on your location.

Advertisers pay Passport Unlimited for sales leads. Employers promote this as a benefit -- with little or no cost, effort, or involvement. (Some offers may be for products, merchants, or services that your employer might not endorse.)

Menu of all discount topics: Retiree Discount Menu  Discussed on the HPAA Benefits Forum

Also see Beneplace discounts: Beneplace Discounts

Due to the internet and how modern sales channels work, such "employee discounts" are often not a very good deal these days.

1. Check with the source of the product or service. Many now sell directly -- usually at a discount or with extra benefits -- from their corporate website. For example, Avis has offers on their site: https://www.avis.com/en/offers/us-offers/coupon-codes

2. Run online searches. 

3. Check AAA, AARP, Costco, your credit card company, professional organizations like ACM or IEEE, and other affiliations.

With any online deals -- whatever the source -- for the deal to work, you must follow the special online process precisely so that local stores, travel agencies, or other sales channels are not involved. Whoever posted the deal gets the commission.

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