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Wireless service discounts for retirees and alumni

From former employees of HP and HPE. (Apr 4, 2024)  Question? Email: info@hpalumni.org

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"If you have a company-paid cell phone account, you need to either set up a new cell phone account (with a new number) and notify your callers -- or use the form on the company site to have the cell phone number reassigned to your personal cell phone account. Your company cell phone number may vanish quickly."
--from HPAA's "ASAP Checklist"

Corporate discounts. We have found no HP document from the last 20 years that extended discounts from company suppliers to retirees. Back when HP was much smaller, there were some that were informally leveraged from corporate contracts.

The major wireless vendors appear to have shut down retiree discounts for most companies and organizations -- using web pages and emails with the employer's name and logo. Those who had cellular discounts are receiving emails at contract renewal time requiring them to verify their current employment. It appears that the past retiree discounts were due to the cellular vendors not re-verifying employment. Some members report being able to renew their contract at local carrier-owned wireless stores by providing their business card or other company identification.

See Retiree Discount Menu for member advice on other sources of discounts.

You may do better with a "no-contract" arrangement -- where you purchase a "SIM-free" or "unlocked" phone -- or with a pre-paid wireless plan.

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