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Mutual help, networking, jobs, news, events, webinars, more.  (Updated July 18, 2017.)

Mutual help -- online discussions

Discussions and mutual help on benefits, career, transition, and other issues:

Transition Forum If transitioning out of HP Inc or Hewlett Packard Enterprise or will do so shortly. Severance, health transition, unemployment...

Benefits Forum If receiving US COBRA or retirement benefits. Medicare, annual enrollment, discounts...

Finance Forum Discuss US personal finance issues from an ex-HP perspective.

TechTalk Forum Post your request for technical help to a knowledgeable, friendly community of engineers.

HP Connections LinkedIn Group Reconnect with former co-workers. Discuss career and job-hunt issues. Post jobs. 81,000 members.

EDS Alumni LinkedIn Group If you formerly worked for EDS. Benefits, finance, and career issues related to EDS service.

Forums use the Yahoo Groups system, but a Yahoo account is not required. Free HPAA membership required.

The subject line of each email includes the forum name i.e. [HPAA Benefits]

Please use the same email address for your membership and all subscriptions.

How to change forums to daily digest emails or no emails. Post to a forum

LinkedIn Groups require only name and email address to join.

Reference info and advice from members  (HPAA membership not required.)

ASAP Checklist What to do before losing access to internal systems... and in the following few weeks.

Retiree Checklist What to do if you are in the process of retiring or are already retired.

Contacts Contacts at HP and HP suppliers: benefits, Payroll, employment verification, stock cost basis, EDS, Agilent...

Employee Stock Reference and contacts: Where is my stock? Tax cost basis. Options. Agilent, Compaq, EDS, etc. 

Finance Issues Reference and contacts: Social Security, HP 401(k). EDS Retirement...

Health Plans Retiree, COBRA, Medicare, annual enrollment...

Jobs and Career Job posts; employment verification; networking...

Personal IT Moving your personal business from your employer's systems, professional email, TechTalk forum...

Local events and online webinars HPAA membership not required.)

Local events sponsored by the HPAA and other HP-related organizations. Local events

Online seminars and presentations on topics of interest from an ex-HP perspective. Webinar slides and recordings.

Networking (HPAA membership not required.)

Join HP Connections 81,000-member group on LinkedIn for current employees and alumni of Hewlett-Packard, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP Inc, acquisitions, and spinoffs. Reconnect with people who know you and your work. Find ex-HPers where you would like to work. Get the most from LinkedIn: LinkedIn Tips.

Networking Directory  190 HP-related local and online groups worldwide: local groups, business units and divisions, acquisitions, spinoffs, and more.

US Job Posts

Job openings posted by US recruiters, employers, and fellow members specifically interested in HP alumni.

Jobs List   HPAA Jobs email distribution list (US) on Yahoo Groups. Email subject line: [HPAA Jobs] You can change to daily digest emails or no emails instead of individual emails.

How to post jobs

A job post is the responsibility of the author and does not signify an endorsement by the HPAA.

For Recruiters: Apply to post jobs to our members: Recruiter Post jobs: Post Jobs

News and social events

Monthly email   "HPAlumni Flash" -- succinct monthly emails covering social events and mutual help with life after HP. No corporate or product news. (Turn off)

Worldwide   More than 190 HP-related local and online groups worldwide: local groups, business units and divisions, acquisitions, spinoffs, and more.

Remembrance   US email distribution list for obituary and memorial service announcements about current and former HP, HP Inc, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise employees.

About the HPAA. Member settings

About the HPAA contact the HPAA, change your email address, meet the volunteer team.

How do I? change HPAA email address, change to daily digests, browse forums, reinstate membership, etc.


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