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Autonomy Stock Issues  (Updated Apr 20, 2021.) 

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If you got a letter from Social Security entitled "Potential Private Retirement Benefit." Look at the "Year Reported" and the table on the back of the letter. If "Type of Benefit" is "A" -- you rolled to a different plan, bought an annuity, or took cash. How to decode and what to do: https://www.hpalumni.org/PotentialBenefitLetter.

Also see this page if you ever worked for Autonomy 

2011-10-31  Autonomy was sold to HP. Autonomy shareholders received 25.50 in exchange for each Autonomy share. AUTN stock was retired. ($11.7 billion -- a 79% premium over the market price before announcement. CNBC )

HP Inc. is the legal successor to the companies acquired by Hewlett-Packard before the company was split into HP Inc and Hewlett Packard Enterprise on Nov 1, 2005. Responsibility for commitments to former employees of Autonomy remain with HP Inc. -- regardless of whether their last business unit ended up in HP or HPE. Includes employment verification and any retiree health, pension, etc. plans. (About the HP Breakup)

HP Inc. is the legal successor to Autonomy.  Stockholder information and contact instructions: HPInc Investor Relations Site https://investor.hp.com/resources/contact-ir/default.aspx (scroll down)

How the stock purchase worked:

HP SEC 8-K filing October 3, 2011: "On October 3, 2011, HP announced that HP Vision had received valid acceptances... representing approximately 87.34 percent of the existing issued share capital of Autonomy, which acceptances include those received with respect to 22,190,066 Autonomy shares (representing approximately 9.09 percent of the existing issued share capital of Autonomy) pursuant to irrevocable commitments procured by HP Vision from certain members of the Board of Directors of Autonomy who held Autonomy shares... Settlement of the Offer will, in the case of acceptances received on or before October 3, 2011, occur on or before October 17, 2011. With respect to acceptances received after October 3, 2011 but while the Offer remains open for acceptance, settlement will occur within 14 days of receipt... Following completion of the Offer, HP Vision intends to exercise its rights pursuant to Sections 974 to 991 of the United Kingdom Companies Act 2006 to acquire compulsorily, on the same terms as the Offer, the remaining Autonomy shares with respect to which the Offer has not been accepted."

HP SEC 10-K filing December 14, 2011: "As of October 31, 2011, HP owned an approximately 99% equity interest in Autonomy, and HP expects to acquire a 100% equity interest before the end of the first quarter of fiscal 2012."

HPAA comments: A check was sent to the address in the ownership records for each shareholding -- Where's my stock? If the check was uncashed, the money would have eventually been turned over to a state unclaimed property department. See HPAA's page on How to check for unclaimed property 

U.S. SEC filings on AUTNF stock

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