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Keysight Technologies  (updated: October 18 2017.)

Status of Keysight headquarters and people in Santa Rosa:

October 17 -- CEO Ron Nersesian interviewed by phone on Fox Business

- All 1,500 Sonoma County employees have been located.

- 112 lost their homes. Hundreds displaced.

- The four main headquarters buildings have only minor damage. Have rented temporary space.

- 90% of worldwide Keysight employees are outside Sonoma County.


- "The company that started the growth spurt in Silicon Valley 80 years ago..."

- Nersesian "...has got to be the best boss in the nation right now."

- Providing $10,000 to each of the employees who lost their homes and $1,000 in cash to those who were displaced.

- KEYS stock near 52-week high.


"The employees -- even those who have lost their homes -- are volunteering to help others."
"The original HP DNA is alive and kicking at Keysight"
Average length-of-service for Sonoma County is 20 years.
http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/5614927999001/  (interview starts at 1:30)


(Ron Nersesian joined HP as an engineer in 1984
https://northbaybiz.com/Monthly_Features/Beyond_the_Boardroom/Ron_Nersesian.php  )


Keysight press releases: http://about.keysight.com/en/newsroom/pr/


SF Chronicle article -- October 11:

"Keysight was the original business founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in 1939. Hewlett-Packard spun it off into Agilent Technologies in 1999, which, in turn, spun out Keysight in 2013. The company generated nearly $3 billion in revenue last year..."

"The first order of business was to account for the 1,500 employees who work at the headquarters. As of Wednesday morning, Keysight had reached all but 200. [Keysight CEO] Nersesian learned that one employee was in critical condition with severe burns at UC Davis Medical Center. Fires destroyed 33 employees’ homes and forced hundreds of people to evacuate..."

"The company will pay out $10,000 to employees who lost homes and provide $1,000 to each worker forced to evacuate. Those employees do not have to repay the company. Keysight also established a location in Santa Rosa where employees could meet, exchange information, and drop off goods..."

"Keysight owns about 200 mostly wooded acres. The buildings sit on just 95 of those acres. The four main buildings are surrounded on all sides by large surface parking lots, which absorbed the brunt of the fires..."

“Safety is first, second and third,” Nersesian said. “You don’t care about short-term financial impact. That doesn’t mean anything compared to the employees.”



San Jose Mercury article -- Updated October 13:

"Keysight has a long history in Santa Rosa. In 1972, the ancestor of the company, Hewlett-Packard, began operations in Santa Rosa. Keysight was part of the Agilent Technologies spin-off from H-P. Eventually, Keysight was spun off from Agilent. ' We are from the original Hewlett-Packard company,' Nersesian said. Nersesian believes the company’s roots of considering the needs of employees are serving it well amid the fire disaster.

“ 'I guarantee you that the original DNA of Hewlett-Packard exists in Keysight, and is completely alive and kicking,'  [Keysight CEO] Nersesian said. 'We have survived through many technology waves and technology changes and macroeconomic cycles. We are here for the long term and really excited about the future.' ”



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