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History Links: HP, Agilent, EDS, Compaq, Tandem...


Books, sites, and articles for alumni and friends on the history of HP and predecessor companies.

(HP stock certificate, 1973)


The HP Way "We have trust and respect for individuals..."
"The Great Innovators" Business Week: "...the birthplace of a new approach to management"
"Great Garages" Forbes: "...the key to the greatness of Bill Hewlett and David Packard was that they held no attachment to things, only people."
"Founding Fathers" Stanford Magazine: "...their contribution... was as much organizational as technological."
"Origins" watch  order HP's 2005 film photographs, oral histories, film footage, and interviews with former employees
HP History and Facts HP: Timeline, Virtual Museum
Bill Hewlett on Management "The Human Side Of Management" by Bill Hewlett on private site of Ed Sharpe
Packard on Management David Packard's "11 Simple Rules... for getting along with others" 1958
HP Way "The HP Way was a way of life"
Agilent History Agilent: Timeline
HP CEOs HP: List of all HP CEOs before Whitman [Copy saved by the non-profit Internet Archive on 1/31/13.]
HP CEOs and Chairmen Wikipedia: Page with links to Wikipedia articles on each HP CEO and Chairman. [Note: Wikipedia articles -- since they can be written, rewritten, or edited by anyone -- may not be accurate or current, often change dramatically over time, may not cover all aspects of the topic consistently, and may not be written from a neutral point of view.]
HP Garage HP: History of the garage and the first years of the company
Acquisitions, Divestitures HPAA's list of dates when HP acquired and divested companies
Employment "HP increases its leading product: Ex-HP Employees"


William R. Hewlett "...ceaseless desire to inspire excellence."
William R. Hewlett "His greatest gift... was not the compass he could build with his hands, but his moral compass."  
Remembering Bill Hewlett "...philanthropy, curiosity, love of nature and music, good humor and stubborn streak."  
Hewlett Oral History Transcript of 1984 IEEE History Center interview A. Michal McMahon
Bill Hewlett on Creativity "Random Thoughts on Creativity" Commencement Speech at MIT, 1986
Bill Hewlett Tribute "Remembering Bill Hewlett" by John Minck
David Packard "...where he had taken a job washing dishes."
Farewell to David Packard "Dave was a decider, not a ducker. He knew what he thought, and he made decisions that worked."
David Packard "...wasn't afraid to point out what was wrong and suggest improvements."
"Big Dave's Legacy" The Packards and Monterey County... "Dave said, 'That's fine, but where are the birds?' "
David Packard Tribute "In appreciation of David Packard" by John Minck
Fred Terman Mentor to Hewlett and Packard
Silent Partners "Bill and Dave had two silent partners... their wives."
Lucile Packard "Lucile Packard's ideals and paycheck fueled the HP start-up, then shaped community history."
Bill's and Dave's Offices An online photo tour of Bill's and Dave's preserved offices including the famous "open doors."
Hewlett-Packard 1938-2002 Statement by David Woodley Packard, May 2002
Hewlett Foundation "...to address the most serious social and environmental problems facing society, where risk capital, responsibly invested, may make a difference over time."
Packard Foundation "...provides grants to nonprofit organizations in the following program areas: Conservation and Science; Population; and Children, Families, and Communities."  
Monterey Bay Aquarium David Packard helped create exhibits at his forge in Big Sur.
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute "Take risks. Ask big questions. Don't be afraid to make mistakes; if you don't make mistakes, you're not reaching far enough." David Packard

Products and Reminiscences

Forums on HP history and products HPAA's directory of independent online forums on vintage HP equipment, publications, and manuals.
200A Audio Oscillator

The first HP product, Bill Hewlett's oscillator from HP's "virtual museum"

Lessons from HP people

HP was a continuous startup. Early HP people talk about what went right and what went wrong.

(For example, the first two HP laser printers were not very successful.)

- Betty Haines What the telephone operators knew.
- Dave Kirby Master communicator who nurtured the HP Way by putting it into words.
- John Minck A work culture trip through the Golden Age of high tech.
- James Robinson Installing, dismantling, moving "The Best Job I Ever Had."
- George Stanley Master teacher "our sales force was analog."

- Les Besser Father of microwave computer-aided-design.
- Dave Cochran How the blockbuster HP-35 handheld came about.
- Bob DeVries Successful products are easy to use. Turning points in work and life.
- Zvonko Fazarinc Successes, and missed opportunities, at HP Labs.
- Art Fong Adventures of the engineer who created many of HP's most successful products.
- Jim Hall The difficult route to the LaserJet's "overnight success."
- Ed Phillips Overcoming challenging design issues.
- Hank Taylor Information technology visionary.
- Hugo Vifian "Mr. Smith Chart" microwave design engineer.

- Al Bagley Managing creativity and innovation. Promoting values in a fast-growing company.
- Chuck House Engineering politics management, customers, and engineering teams.
- Ray Smelek Management; opening new operations overseas; growing successful leaders.
- Cort Van Rensselaer Building competitive advantage through innovation.

Developed, edited, and introduced by John Minck.
On Marc Mislanghe's personal HP Memory Project site.
Barney Oliver Oral history by Barney Oliver, founder of HP Labs Charles Babbage Institute
HP Early Years Rough draft and source materials private site of Ed Sharpe
"HP Memory Project" History of HP in products from 1939-2000 private site by Marc Mislanghe
HP Computer History "HP: The Accidentally On-Purpose Computer Company" Steve Leibson
HP Computer History "HP and Compaq: A Trip Down Memory Lane" Loyd Case
HP Test Equipment Online museum and technical history of HP instruments Kenneth Kuhn
"HP Archive" Site Searchable pdf files: 15,000 pages of catalogs, manuals, periodicals, app notes... Glenn Robb
Museum of HP Calculators Displays and describes HP calculators introduced from 1968 to 1986 Dave Hicks
HP-01 Wrist Instrument Opens New Dimension in Personal Information HP Journal
HP-35 A personal history of the breakthrough handheld device John Minck (pages 71-75)
HP 80 Series Documentation and software for HP-85 family of BASIC microcomputers Vassilis Prevelakis
HP 9100 How the Model 9100A Was Developed Barney Oliver
HP 9825 The HP 9825 desktop computer was way before its time Steve Leibson
HP 9845 The HP 9845 Preservation Project
HP Computer Museum Photos, documentation, literature, and downloadable software Jon Johnston
HP Computer Manuals Service manuals and other documentation for many HP computers Al Kossow
HP's Early Computers Interview with Barney Oliver Kip Crosby
HP's Early Computers Interview with Joe Schoendorf Kip Crosby
HP 1000 "25 Years of Real-Time Computing the HP 1000" Todd Poynor, updated by Don Pottenger
HP 3000 The History of the HP 3000 Bob Green
HP 3000 humor "Lunch, the HP Way" parody by Stephen Harrison and Noel Magee
HP 3000 "The Rise, Fall and Rise of the 3000" Christopher Edler
HP 9000 "The HP 9000 Computer" Frank McConnell
HP 9000 HP 9000 model history in the Wikipedia*
PA-RISC PA-RISC model history in the Wikipedia*
HP-UX HP-UX release history in the Wikipedia*
HP 250/260 HP 250/260 Preservation Project
HP 300 HP 300 (Amigo) note in the Wikipedia*
Plotters and Recorders San Diego Division and F. L. Moseley Co.
The Jet Set Turns 20 HP: History of the ThinkJet, LaserJet, and DeskJet product lines
Inkjet Printers "Printing Enters the Jet Age" from American Heritage Invention & Technology
Inkjet Printers "Close-up on color printing" from HP Labs
Inkjet Printers "Hewlett-Packard revolutionized printing" Albany Democrat Herald
LaserJet HP LaserJet The Early History. By Jim Hall
Semiconductors at HP History of HP's semiconductor business from Avago Technologies 

* Note: Wikipedia articles -- since they can be written, rewritten, or edited by anyone -- may not be accurate or current, often change dramatically over time, may not cover all aspects of the topic consistently, and may not be written from a neutral point of view.


HP Publications

Catalogs 15,000 pages of catalogs, manuals, periodicals, app notes... Searchable pdf files Glenn Robb
HP Journal All issues 1949-1998 HP Labs.
The search box on the page does not work. Enter this into Google search:
[ <search terms> site:hpl.hp.com ]
HP Journal Indexes Searchable pdf files Glenn Robb
Measure HP employee magazine. Searchable pdf files Glenn Robb
Manuals Manuals, Bench Briefs, Application Notes, more. Searchable pdf files Glenn Robb
Digital Technical Journal Issues from 1991-1998 in pdf form HP Labs
Tandem Systems Review All issues in pdf form HP Labs


HP Books
Compaq Books
EDS Books
Tandem Books

Acquisitions and Divestitures

See Social and Networking Directory and Directory of Acquisitions and Divestitures
3Com 3Com acquisitions
3Com 3Com history
Agilent Agilent timeline
Agilent Agilent Wikipedia* article with references and links
Apollo Apollo Wikipedia* article with references and links
Apollo University of Michigan Apollo Archive with many links
Compaq Compaq company history (via the Internet Archive)
Compaq Compaq/DEC Timeline
Compaq Compaq Wikipedia* article with references and links
Convex Convex Wikipedia* article with references and links
Convex Danny Faught's Convex Archives
DEC Gordon Bell's "CyberMuseum for DEC" with many references and links
DEC Timelines, archival documents, trivia quiz, cartoon
DEC DEC contributions in architecture, Internet, services, storage, software, semiconductors, networking
DEC DEC Wikipedia* article with references and links
DEC DEC Connection history pages. Data, photos, links, books about DEC. 
EDS Electronic Data Systems Wikipedia* article with references and links
EDS EDS history on HP's retiree site
Mercury Interactive Mercury Interactive Wikipedia* article with references and links
Tandem Tandem Wikipedia* article with references and links
Tandem Systems Review "Technical information about Tandem software releases and products" (1983 -1994)
Tandem Value System "Tandem Value System Core Values and Business Relationships"
VeriFone VeriFone Wikipedia* article with references and links

* Note: Wikipedia articles change over time, may not cover all aspects of the topic consistently, and may not be written from a neutral point of view.


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