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Stock and Options - HP, HPI, HPE, DXC, Micro Focus, etc. 

Advice and reference info from members. (Updated November 19, 2017.)  
This topic is covered in the HPAA's US Finance Forum. Discuss US personal finance issues -- such as Social Security and stock -- from an ex-HP perspective.
Questions or comments to: info@hpalumni.org

HPAA's master stock table -- the Stock Decoder -- explains how shares of the Hewlett-Packard Company have spawned shares of HP Inc, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology, Micro Focus, Agilent, Keysight... and a new IT services company yet to be named.

For each step in the HP breakup, the stock decoder table includes links to:

- Official FAQ.

- Official cost basis tax document

- Stock price history.

- HPAA member advice.

- "Where's my stock?"

Be sure to check state unclaimed property sites for lost shares, uncashed dividend checks, and other stray money. You may be approached by companies claiming to have found money for you -- for example, a private investigator has been contacting ex-EDS folks. There is no need to pay anyone. Member advice on unclaimed property

1. HP Breakup.

a. HPI/HPE separation.
See HPAA's Stock Decoder
- Stock Options and SARs.  "Each award of HP Co. stock options or SARs held by an individual who will be an employee of HP Inc. following the separation, or who is a former employee of HP Co. as of the separation, will continue to relate to HP Inc. common stock, provided that the exercise price of, and number of shares subject to, each such award will be adjusted in a manner intended to preserve the aggregate intrinsic value of the original HP Co. award as measured immediately before and immediately after the separation. Such adjusted award will otherwise to subject to the same terms and conditions that applied to the original HP Co. award immediately prior to the separation, except that, for each such award of stock options that are performance-contingent stock options, the performance requirements will be adjusted in a manner that preserves the original ratio of stock price hurdle to exercise price."  Options and SARs for those who will be an HPE employee after the separation will be similarly adjusted and converted into HPE options and SARs. HPE SEC filing  [Document page 154. Condensed and boldface emphasis added.]

b. HPE/DXC spin-merge with CSC.
- See HPAA's Stock Decoder
- Unexpired HPE options: If you had unexpired HPE stock options and were transitioned to DXC, the HPE options in your Merrill Lynch account may have vanished in April 2017 -- with no notification. The HPE options were converted to DXC options and placed in a new Fidelity account.

c. HPE/HPESoftware spin-merge with Micro Focus.
- See HPAA's Stock Decoder.
- Unexpired HPE stock options. We don't have data yet. (However, people who were transitioned to DXC found that the HPE options in their Merrill Lynch account vanished but were converted to DXC options in a new Fidelity account.)

2. HP employee stock plans. 

    Official HPI public page on Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP), Share Ownership Plan (SOP), Compaq ESPP, EDS ESPP, Performance-based Restricted Units, Restricted Stock Awards, Restricted Stock Units, Stock Appreciation Rights, and Stock Options: HPI Global Total Rewards  (Be patient -- page come up slowly.)  HPI Global Equity email: global.equity@hp.com
Official HPE public page
on Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP), Share Ownership Plan (SOP), Compaq ESPP, EDS ESPP, Performance-based Restricted Units, Restricted Stock Awards, Restricted Stock Units, Stock Appreciation Rights, and Stock Options: HPE Global Total Rewards  (Be patient -- page come up very slowly.)  HPE Global Equity email: global.equity@hpe.com
HPAA member advice:
On May 1, 2015 the shares purchased and held in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan ("ESPP") and the former Share Ownership Plan ("SOP") were transferred from Computershare Shareowner Services (formerly BNY Mellon) to Fidelity Investment Services. Initial notification was on the Computershare web site. A notification with instructions was mailed to inactive HP employees. How to access your ESPP shares:
- If you have an existing HP 401(k) or personal brokerage account at Fidelity, go to http://netbenefits.com and use your existing username and password. Otherwise, call Fidelity at 1-800-457-4015 -- select "ESPP" -- on any business day (except NYSE holidays) between 8:30 a.m. and midnight Eastern time. Outside the US, call 1-508-787-9902 collect.
- Non-US employees may have shares at Morgan Stanley's "StockPlan Connect." Login   FAQ 

3. Stock of predecessor and spinoff companies. (Agilent, Compaq, DXC, EDS, Indigo, Mercury, Micro Focus, Opsware, Peregrine, and others.) Predecessor company stock

4. Where are my  stock records?  Depends on how and when you acquired the stock.
- HP Inc. (HPQ) Includes contact info for Wells Fargo, Fidelity, and Merrill Lynch -- and an online form to contact the company: http://h30261.www3.hp.com/contact-us.aspx -- scroll down 2/3.
- Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)  Includes contact info for Wells Fargo, Fidelity and Merrill Lynch -- and an email address to contact the company: http://investors.hpe.com/contact-us -- scroll down 1/2.

5. HP Employee Purchase cost basis:  Stock aspects of HPI/HPE separation
- 1959 through 2000: HPAA's HP Employee Stock Purchase Spreadsheet. Employee Stock Purchase Plan FMV's and Prices – 6/59 through 1/01. Includes the exact amounts that employees paid taxes on -- for employee stock purchase and service awards. Includes stock splits and the Agilent and Verigy spinoffs. Developed by a team of HPAA members.
- Reference example for the HPAA's stock purchase spreadsheet, by Tom von Alten.
- 2000 through 2010: Official "SOP Historical FMVs & Purchase Prices." Document sent to HPAA by HP Global Equity Administration on October  14, 2013.
- 2011 through 2013: Official "ESPP Historical FMVs & Purchase Prices." Document sent to HPAA by HP Global Equity Administration on October  14, 2013.

HP Share Ownership Plan (SOP) tax reporting. Very helpful information collected by HPAA member Alan Silverstein and posted on his personal website: HP SOP Tax Reporting Info (revised Dec 11, 2013.)

6. Employee stock options and taxes.
Option exercise -- obtaining your annual W-2 Wage and Tax Statement. You need your HP W-2 if you exercised any options during the year -- even if you did not work for HP during that year. (You will also get a 1099-B from the broker. You need both documents for every option exercise.)  How to obtain your annual W-2 or final Earnings Statement
Advice from HPAA members: Stock Option Advice

7. HP investor purchase cost basis:  Stock aspects of HPI/HPE separation
- Historical prices that investors paid -- and stock splits  
- HP gives a link to a third-party site: "For a fee, you may use NetBasis to calculate the cost basis for your HP stock. To use the system, you will need your purchase/acquisition/sales dates and the number of shares acquired and/or sold on those dates."

8. To receive investor email alerts:
- HPQ: http://h30261.www3.hp.com/site-services/email-alerts/corporate-alerts.aspx 
- HPE: http://investors.hpe.com/site-services/email-alerts

9. Which investors control the companies?
- HPI - http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/hpq/ownership-summary
- HPE - http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/hpe/ownership-summary
- DXC - http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/dxc/ownership-summary

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