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Professional and Social Networking -- Other Groups and Sites

Reconnect with people who know you and your work -- even if you aren't currently looking.

 How to find the social and networking groups of value to you:  

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   Step 2.  In which HP divisions or business units did you work?
   Step 3.  Were you part of an acquisition or spinoff?
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Reconnect with people who know you and your work -- even if you aren't currently looking. Join HP Connections -- 81,000-member group on LinkedIn for current employees and alumni of Hewlett-Packard, HPE, and predecessors. Get the most from LinkedIn: LinkedIn Tips and Traps.


Facebook. Among the independent HP alumni social groups on Facebook:

- "Hewlett-Packard Friends" -- operated by Gail Temple: https://www.facebook.com/groups/619442368220943/ 

- "HP Cupertino Site Alumni" -- operated by Celia Spivack and Dawn Borovich Suiter: https://www.facebook.com/groups/683632715002565/

Mutual assistance (Operated by the HPAA) 

HPAA Benefits Yahoo Forum   Discuss U.S. HP/HPInc/HPE COBRA and retiree health benefits, including Annual Enrollment and transition to Medicare.   Yahoo Forum
HPAA Finance Yahoo Forum  

Discuss U.S. personal finance issues -- such as Social Security, pensions, and stock -- from an ex-HP/HPInc/HPE perspective.

  Yahoo Forum
HPAA Jobs List   Emails from employers interested in recruiting HP alumni    Yahoo Forum

History, products, collectors of HP equipment and memorabilia  (Links verified Jan 2018.)  

HP/A Test Equipment


Forum on HP/Agilent test equipment

  Yahoo Forum

Manual Exchange


Service and operating manuals for electronic test equipment

  Yahoo Forum
HP History   HPAA's directory of websites on history of HP, Agilent, EDS, Compaq...   Directory

Vintage Hewlett Packard


Forum on vintage HP equipment and publications

  Yahoo Forum


Compaq Big Band


"Keeping New England swingin' since 1975"



HP PRIDE   LGBT   Linkedin

South Bay Philharmonic


Formerly the HP Symphony; now an "Open Source Symphony"



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