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HP History: 1. Index

Books, sites, and articles for alumni and friends on the history of HP and many predecessor companies. (HP stock certificate, 1973)

On Nov 1, 2015, the legal name of the Hewlett-PackardCompany was changed to HP Inc. and a new, independent company -- Hewlett Packard Enterprise (no hyphen; singular; green-rectangle logo) -- was spun out. Portions of HPE were later spun out into DXC and Micro Focus, which have spun out other companies. Details: HP Breakup  Note: HP Labs is part of HP Inc. -- but Hewlett Packard Labs (no hyphen) is part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Timeless business lessons from HP history -- HP people talk frankly about what went right -- and what went wrong -- as this continuous startup grew rapidly for decades.

Books on HP  (Two dozen HP-related business books -- with Amazon links.)  

Books and links for predecessor companies: Compaq   EDS  Tandem

HPAA's HP history directories:

Company Culture (Selected articles.)

Founders (Selected articles.)

Major HP history websites (Overall company history sites, including the official HPInc/HPE archive.)

HP publications (As-it-happened coverage of HP culture, products, and businesses.)

Specific product lines (Articles and websites.)

Acquisitions and divestitures (Articles.)   Directory (163 acquisitions -- plus 30 divestitures and spinoffs.)

Questions or comments to: info-history@hpalumni.org

Facebook. There are many independent company alumni social groups on Facebook -- reliving the good times, reconnecting with people you worked with, and memorializing those who have passed. Leading examples -- and how to find Facebook groups that match your career experience: Facebook groups for HP, successors, and predecessors

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