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Professional and Social Networking -- Acquisitions

Reconnect with people who know you and your work -- even if you aren't currently looking.

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Reconnect with people who know you and your work -- even if you aren't currently looking. Join HP Connections -- 81,000-member group on LinkedIn for current employees and alumni of Hewlett-Packard, HPE, and predecessors. Get the most from LinkedIn: LinkedIn Tips and Traps.

Companies Acquired by HP 

3Com   3Com Alumni (former employees)   LinkedIn
3Com   3Com Alumni (former employees)   Facebook
3Com   3Com Alumni Association (former and current employees)   LinkedIn

Apollo Computer


Apollo Computer Alumni


Aruba Networks


Aruba Networks Alumni




Autonomy Alumni

AverStar Compiler Team   ex-Intermetrics   Site
Bluestone, Middleware   Bluestone Software and HP Middleware   Yahoo Forum
Bluestone, Middleware   Bluestone Software   Linkedin
Bristol Technology   Bristol Technology Alums   Linkedin
Bristol Technology   Bristol Technology Group   Linkedin
Cambridge Research   Digital/Compaq/HP Cambridge Research Laboratory (CRL) alumni   Linkedin
ColorSpan   LaserMaster, ColorSpan, National Televar alumni   Linkedin
Compaq   Info and links specifically for people from Compaq   HPAA Page
Compaq   Compaq Alumni "Ex-Compaq Employees"   LinkedIn
Compaq   Compaq 30th Anniversary Reunion -- 11/4/12   Site
Compaq   Leaders of the PAQ   Linkedin
Compaq Asia   Compaq Asia Alumni   Linkedin 
Compaq France   Compaq suivre -- Compaquiens France   Linkedin
Compaq Germany   "before.. hp" -- Ex-Kollegen, die fr Compaq, Tandem, Digital   Xing
Compaq UK   Compaq Alumni Group UK   Linkedin
Convex   ex-Convex site   Site
Convex   ex-Convex networking   Linkedin
Dazel   Dazel alumni   Linkedin 
dbINTELLECT   dbINTELLECT alumni   Linkedin
DEC group directory   Directory of DEC groups around the world   Directory
DEC   DEC Connection -- forum, events, history, books, directory of groups   Site
DEC   DECconnection -- networking   LinkedIn
DEC   Digital Alumni, Inc.   Site
DEC   DEC Alumni      LinkedIn
DEC   Digital Equipment Corporation   Linkedin
DEC   Digital Equipment Corporation Alumni   Linkedin
DEC Semiconductor   Digital Semiconductor Alumni   Site
DEC UK   Dexodus -- DEC UK Alumni and Pensioners   Site
DEC Ultrix   Digital Ultrix group -- "Ghosts of Christmas Past"   Linkedin
DEC Workstations   Digital Workstations Engineering Alumni   Site
EDS Alumni   Info and links specifically for people from EDS   HPAA Page
EDS Alumni   EDS Alumni (Operated by HPAA)   LinkedIn
EDS Alumni   Two very active EDS alumni groups on Facebook:
Operated by Melinda Lockhart: https://www.facebook.com/groups/370163043180343/ 
Operated by Howard Greif: https://www.facebook.com/groups/40056146055/
EDS Australia   People connected with EDS in Australia   Linkedin
EDS DFW   EDS Dallas / Fort Worth -- The Soaring Eagles   Linkedin
EDS Top Gun   EDS Top Gun Program   Linkedin
EEsof   EEsof employees from 1983 to 1993   Linkedin
EHPT   Ericsson Hewlett-Packard Telecommunications (joint venture)   Linkedin
Firehunter   Agilent Firehunter Alumni   Linkedin
HCL-HP   HCL-Hewlett Packard Alumni   Linkedin
Kintana/Chainlink   Kintana/Chainlink Alumni   Linkedin
Knightsbridge   Knightsbridge Alumni   Linkedin
LeftHand Networks   LeftHand Networks Alumni   Linkedin
Marlboro Disk Drive   DEC Hard Disk Drives; Marlboro, MA   Yahoo Forum
Mercury Interactive   Mercury Alumni Association   LinkedIn
Microcom   Microcom/Compaq; Norwood, MA   LinkedIn
MphasiS   MphasiS (EDS)    LinkedIn
Novadigm   HP Novadigm Alumni -- Paramus   Linkedin
Palm   If worked for Palm or Palm derivative before the HP acquisition   LinkedIn
Philips PTDSN   Philips Telecommunications and Data Systems    LinkedIn
Philips PTIS   Philips PTIS    LinkedIn
PolyServe   PolyServe Alumni   LinkedIn
Prolin   Prolin Alumni   LinkedIn
Tandem   Info and links specifically for people from Tandem   HPAA Page
Tandem   Tandem Alumni (Jimmy Treybig is a member)   Yahoo Forum
Tandem   Tandem Alumni   LinkedIn
Tandem   Tandem Alumni Jobs   Yahoo Forum
Tandem Finance   Tandem Finance Alumni   Linkedin
UNIX Software Lab   EIAL Florham Park, NJ (AT&T -> USL -> Novell -> HP)   Yahoo Forum
VeriFone   VeriFoners   Yahoo Forum
VeriFone   VeriFone Alumni   LinkedIn
Verity   Verity Alumni   LinkedIn
Voodoo   Voodoo Alumni   LinkedIn

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