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HP/HPE retiree Gold Badge  From former employees of HP and HPE. (May 15, 2024)

Summary: Former U.S. HP/HPE employees classified by the company as a "Retiree" receive a gold-colored version of the traditional engraved nametag "badge."

It is primarily symbolic. HP says: "...a symbol that youíre a member of HPís global community of distinguished retirees."

This page has detailed information, photos, and instructions on obtaining or replacing an HP or HPE gold badge.


- Wear at local social club events -- Bay Area, Southern California, Oregon, and Texas. Details: https://www.hpalumni.org/social

- Monterey Bay Aquarium -- discount no longer available but badge reportedly can be used to get into VIP line.

- Local businesses near major HP sites.

- See's Candies. Discounts on boxed candy at certain large stores. Go to https://chocolateshops.sees.com and look for "VOLUME SAVINGS" in the store name.

- Disney World -- "Mission: Space" lounge. Access no longer available. (Compaq signed sponsorship deal in 2000. Grand opening in 2003 with HP CEO. HP sponsorship ended in 2015.)

Other corporate discounts. We have found no HP document from the last 20 years that extended discounts from company suppliers to retirees. Back when HP was much smaller, there were some that were informally leveraged from corporate contracts.

If you use an old badge, business card, or code and something goes badly wrong: Your former employer and their insurance company will not be able to help, since they were not a party to the transaction. Any insurance coverage included with the corporate discount is invalid. Car rental companies can void the entire contract -- including supplemental liability, accident insurance, and LDW. Details: Your old employee discount: https://www.hpalumni.org/discounts-corporate

Menu of all discount topics: https://www.hpalumni.org/discounts  Discussed on the HPAA Benefits Forum: https://www.hpalumni.org/goBenefits


If a U.S. employee left at 55 or older with at least 10 years of service, or left after 2010 with age-plus-years-of-service of at least 80, or left under an early retirement program -- HP and HPE generally classify the employee as "retired" -- regardless of how they left and whether or not they have any retiree benefits. (HPE also mentions "...or age 55 or older with at least 70 age-plus-service 'points' for equity grants.") (To determine if you have any retiree benefits, contact the appropriate company: Which Company )

Traditionally, a retiree gold badge allowed for unescorted access to most HP sites. It did not apply at some facilities -- such as inkjet cartridge manufacturing, which is highly proprietary, and the Response Centers, which have remote access to customer data. It was not the policy at companies that HP acquired. It worked only at sites with staffed lobbies.

The old policy assumed that former employees classified by the company as "retired" -- based on age and years of service when they left -- are permanently retired from the industry. Since 2007, HP (and HPE since it was split off) have required that all visitors be escorted by a current employee. This protects you, your current employer, and your former employer from potential legal issues -- however inadvertent.

Before switching to scannable employee badges, HP used engraved 1" by 3" white plastic name badges with your name, division, and the "hp" logo. You received a new badge every time you changed divisions or your division changed its name. The name of the "Terminal Products Division" was changed before the badges were ordered. :)

Designed to help people learn each others' names, they were egalitarian -- giving no clue as to your job function, department, or management level.

The Retiree "Gold Badge" is gold-colored instead of white. It includes your name, an HP logo, and "Retiree." An indicated on the HPAA's ASAP Checklist -- advice from members when leaving the company -- if you are classified by HP or HPE as a "Retiree" you should receive a "Gold Badge" and a retirement gift. Members report that this applies worldwide, but that some managers and department admins are not aware of this.

"When I was within two weeks of my retirement date my admin submitted the request for the gold badge, and I got a clock too."

"As a non-US retiree, I can confirm itís possible to get a Gold Badge, but itís difficult. My manager had to contact both UK&I HR and US HR to make it happen. He was also able to secure a retirement clock as well... it felt important to me to have the recognition."

Current retiree badge design.

HPInc retiree gold badge 

(In the early 2000's, laminated 2" x 3-1/4" "Retiree" photo badges printed on gold plastic were issued to retirees. Those are no longer available.)

How to obtain or replace an HP or HPE gold badge:

- If you are classified as a U.S. HP retiree, go to "HP Continuum" -- HPInc's official U.S. retiree social networking site. Includes details on retiree discounts -- plus benefits material not available on MyHPBenefits.  https://www.hpcontinuum.com/core/dashboard/main/type/RetireeGoldBadge (scroll down for order form)

- If classified as a U.S. HPE retiree, go to the official HPE page for former employees: https://hr.ext.hpe.com/External-HR-Support-USA [Allow several minutes for page to load.] (select the web form under "HR and Payroll Support.") If difficulty: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 1701 E Mossy Oaks Rd, Spring, TX 77389. 1-678-259-9860.)

- We do not currently have information as to whether this custom is followed outside the U.S. by HP or HPE.

(The photo from Measure magazine shows John Young, CEO from 1978 to 1992, wearing the traditional egalitarian employee badge.)

Question? Email: info@hpalumni.org

John Young wearing traditional HP badge.

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