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For Tandem Alumni... 

Select the links below that fit your situation...

- Current HP employee: Networking and Information for Current Employees. Join Tandem Alumni* group on LinkedIn.-

- HP employee in the process of leaving: use the ASAP checklist. Join Tandem Alumni* and HP Connections groups on LinkedIn.

- Former Tandem employee who never worked for HP: Join Tandem Alumni* and HP Connections groups on LinkedIn.

- Recruiter wishing to post jobs: Post jobs


NonStop jobs are often posted on one or both of these Tandem networking groups:

- Tandem Alumni Forum

- Tandem Alumni LinkedIn


Other links:

- Employment Verification for former HP employees.

- Networking Directory of HP- and Tandem-related networks and groups around the world.

- HP's official site for retirees and former employees. 


Tandem history:

- "Tandem Computers Unplugged: A People's History" by Gaye I. Clemson. Stories and recollections from employees capturing the voices and history of this amazing company. FastPencil, Inc. (July 2012) ASIN: 1607466856

- Tandem Wikipedia article with references and links. Note: Wikipedia articles change over time, may not cover all aspects of the topic consistently, and may not be written from a neutral point of view.

- "Tandem Value System Core Values and Business Relationships"

- Tandem Systems Review "Technical information about Tandem software releases and products" (1983 -1994)


* The informal "Tandem Alumni" group on LinkedIn is operated by Tandem alumni, not by the HPAA. The group is not endorsed or supported by HP.


The Hewlett-Packard Alumni Association is operated by former employees who volunteer their time. It is not endorsed or supported by HP. More about the HPAA




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