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Additional contacts for former HP employees. (HP Inc -- formerly the Hewlett-Packard Company)

Advice from alumni discussions. Not officially endorsed or supported. Join at no charge

Key HP Inc contact points. Includes companies that Hewlett-Packard acquired before Nov 1, 2015 (Compaq, DEC, EDS, etc.) and that HP Inc acquired later (Poly, etc.)

- Pension and 401(k) accounts. Fidelity is the primary administrator. 1-800-457-4015 (Outside US 1-508-787-9902 collect.) https://nb.fidelity.com (Don't go to a local Fidelity office.)

- Health and other benefits. HP Benefits Center, operated by Alight. 1-800-890-3100 (Outside US/PR/Canada 1-847-883-0465.)  https://www.myhpbenefits.com  (Ask for a Retirement Specialist.)

- HR contacts worldwide.  https://content.ext.hp.com/sites/CountrySupport/CountrySelector.page (If difficulty: HP Inc Admin Headquarters, 10300 Energy Drive, Spring, TX 77389. 1-650-857-1501.)

This is a supplement to HPAA's contact directory for former employees of HP, HPE, and related companies: hpalumni.org/contacts

Official contact points -- and links to unofficial advice on this site.

Leaving HP   Official "Leaving HP" site  Note: Depending on age, years of service, and other factors, you may qualify for the "Pre-2003 HP Retiree Medical Program" -- as opposed to the current "HP Retiree Medical Program."  ("2003" refers to the year when HP implemented the program, not necessarily your year of retirement.)  Member checklist

Benefits Center  (Alight) 1-800-890-3100. (Outside US, Puerto Rico, Canada 1-847-883-0465) Alight Ask for a "Retirement Specialist"    Alight Retiree Health Solutions (formerly Aon) Medicare    Member advice

Pension, 401(k)  (Fidelity) 1-800-457-4015 (Outside US 1-508-787-9902 collect.) Fidelity (Don't go to a local Fidelity office.)  

Payroll, W-2  HP US External HR Support    Member advice

Stock  Check all three HP sites: HP Stock Owners    HP Employee Stock and Options [Tab says "Colombia" but applies to US.]     HP Worldwide External HR Support    Member advice

Death or disability of a former employee. Member advice

Retiree Discounts  Member advice on discounts

Change of Address  HP US External HR Support

Employment Verification or Experience Letter  US    Other Countries    Member advice (If difficulty: HP Inc Admin Headquarters, 10300 Energy Drive, Spring, TX 77389. 1-650-857-1501.)

All countries: Former Employee Contact Selector  HP Worldwide External HR Support (If difficulty: HP Inc Admin Headquarters, 10300 Energy Drive, Spring, TX 77389. 1-650-857-1501.)

Corporate  HP headquarters (1501 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304. 1-650-857-1501.)   HP worldwide offices    HP office of the CEO    HP executives

Patents. For status of your patent incentives and patent plaques: ip.incentives@hp.com  

Retiree Gold Badge.  Contacts and advice from HPAA members: hpalumni.org/badge

Retiree Gift. Contact: recognition@hp.com

Support for HP Inc products.  There is no special product support channel for retirees. HP Inc Customer Support including software and drivers, manuals, diagnostic tools, and "contact an HP agent." Check the warranty status of an HP product: Warranty Check. HP has a set of official public forums.

HP Alumni Association: Operated by volunteers. Not officially endorsed or supported. (Updated Oct 2, 2022.)  Comments:  info3@hpalumni.org

If formerly a regular, direct U.S. employee of HP or HPE -- or are in the process of leaving -- join the HP Alumni Association. No charge, thanks to HPAA's Supporting Members.

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