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US medical benefits contacts for former HP and HP Inc employees - and certain HPE retirees 

Advice and reference info from members.  (Updated Oct 26, 2019.)  Questions or comments to: info@hpalumni.org 

First step: Which Company am I a retiree or former employee of? HP Inc or Hewlett Packard Enterprise? Given HP's complex history of  acquisitions, divestitures, and spinoffs, the company that you are legally a former employee of may not be obvious. Before contacting one of the HP-related companies, check here: Which Company 

HPE retirees who are qualified for the "Pre-2003" retirement program -- which refers to the year when HP's US retiree medical program was redesigned to be much less generous -- not the year retired -- are legally retirees of HPE. However, because that population is relatively small, the associated trust fund was not broken out -- and HPE has paid HPI to administer medical benefits for those HPE retirees. Therefore, HPE retirees on the "Pre-2003" retirement program are administered by HPI's Benefits Center

Official HP Inc pages for former US HP and HP Inc employees

Make sure that the company has your current mailing address. Even if not classified by the company as a "Retiree" or if long gone from the company. (For example, some may have missed out on wage-and-hour class-action settlements.) The company will only update payroll records. It is your responsibility to notify the Benefits Center, Fidelity, etc. -- and watch your subsequent paperwork to verify that changes have actually been made in every database.

- Former Employee: Tabs for Change of Address, Employment Verification. The "HR Questions" tab includes Payroll, HR, Equity Awards, ESPP, SOP. HP Inc official US External HR Support page  

- Classified as a Retiree: Retiree Clubs, "HP Continuum" official retiree site, Employee Purchase Program, Discounts: HP Inc official Retiree page

Unofficial contact directory and advice

Advice and reference info from members of the HP Alumni Association

This page covers US medical benefits. For other benefits: contacts for former employees

US HP Inc medical benefits contacts

Who to call with medical benefits issues -- including healthcare spending accounts: Who does what? - the HPAA's summary of the roles played by the Benefits Center and each of the many providers -- and how to escalate: https://www.hpalumni.org/who

(Note that the Benefits Center is unable to predict future plan prices if you are not currently enrolled. For future prices there are major unpredictable variables: changes in situation, rising cost of health coverage, and the overall limit on company contribution that was set in 2010 -- which is now becoming a significant factor. Details )

HP Inc Benefits Center: The "cosmic glue" for all US HP Inc benefits issues.
(Operated for HP Inc by Alight Solutions -- formerly Aon Hewitt. Also manages retiree health coverage for many HPE retirees and any retiree health plans from predecessors such as DEC.)

1-800-890-3100 -- 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday - Friday
1-847-883-0465 -- Outside the United States, Puerto Rico, or Canada
Ask for a "Retirement Specialist" -- otherwise, you may get an agent who is primarily trained on current-employee issues.

If the first-level Benefits Center phone agent can't resolve your issue, ask them to escalate your call. Use the magic word "escalate." We get very good reports from members who have escalated within the Benefits Center.
http://www.myhpbenefits.com    (Source for Benefits Center hours)

Benefits Center Advocacy Representatives. The Benefits Center has a special group that deals with medical carrier issues: "...if you have an issue with a claim or access to care, an advocacy representative, accessible through the Benefits Center, can help resolve it for you."
--from the Annual Enrollment Guide

Aon Retiree Health Exchange. (ARHE)

ARHE is an insurance sales agency selected by HP to market HP-subsidized individual, standard open-market Medicare plans to HP retirees. Alight Solutions operates the Benefits Center for HP and administers the group plans. The agents from each company, understandably, have little knowledge of the other company's role or processes -- and only have information on the HP-subsidized plans available to you via their company. Work with each company to determine the best plan that they offer for your specific situation. Then you make the final choice.

For details, see https://www.hpalumni.org/medicare (Step 4)

If you elect to purchase an individual plan through ARHE, your benefits choice is indicated by the Benefits Center as "Aon Retiree Health Exchange $0.00." You pay directly for your coverage. At the start of the year, the company funds a Retiree Reimbursement Account administered by Alight Solutions. ARHE automatically submits claims to Aon Hewitt, which reimburses you via monthly direct deposit until the Reimbursement Account is exhausted for the year.

ARHE for HP Inc https://retiree.aon.com/hp
1-800-975-0355 -- 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday 

Escalate to the company via the HPAA: While the HPAA is an independent volunteer organization and is not officially endorsed or supported by HP Inc or Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we do have informal escalation paths into HP Inc Corporate and HPE Corporate to raise issues with the Benefits Center (outsourced to Alight Solutions -- formerly Aon Hewitt.) For the company-subsidized individual Medicare plans purchased through the Aon Retiree Health Exchange, we have an informal escalation path to that Aon subsidiary. https://www.hpalumni.org/escalate  We do not have escalation paths for other areas -- such as HR, Payroll, or Retiree Discounts.

For more mutual help on this topic and many others, join the independent HP Alumni Association. If you were formerly a regular, direct employee of HP or HPE -- or are in the process of leaving -- join HPAlumni via email. No charge, thanks to HPAA members.

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