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On Nov 1, 2015, the legal name of the Hewlett-PackardCompany was changed to HP Inc. and a new, completely separate company -- Hewlett Packard Enterprise (no hyphen; singular; green-rectangle logo) -- was spun out. Portions of HPE were later spun out into DXC and Micro Focus, which have spun out other separate companies. Details: HP Breakup  (Note: HP Labs is part of HP Inc. -- but Hewlett Packard Labs is part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.)

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Contacts and advice: HPAA's main contact directory for former employees of HP, HPE, and related companies: hpalumni.org/contacts 

Time to untangle your stock!

Depending on when and how you acquired HP or HPE stock, you may now have stock in up to six completely separate HP-related companies in various accounts -- or have missed cash payouts.

An HP Alumni team has developed a process to determine what stock you should have and how to find it. hpalumni.org/stock

If you have stock paperwork or certificates from related companies:  Agilent and Keysight    Autonomy    Compaq    DEC    DXC    EDS    Micro Focus    Perspecta    Tandem    Other predecessor companies

Which HP-related companies have me classified as a retiree or former employee? Given HP's history of acquisitions and spinoffs, this may not be obvious. If any doubt, check here: Which Company

Member advice and contact info for those who worked at:  Agilent    Autonomy    Compaq    DEC    DXC    EDS    HP    HPE    Keysight    Micro Focus    Perspecta    Tandem    Other acquisitions and spinoffs 

About HP:

- HP's business model, culture, and history

- Unofficial directory of 163 acquisitions plus 30 divestitures and spinoffs -- by HP and HPE since 1958.

Comments: info@hpalumni.org  (Updated Mar 8, 2022.)

If formerly a regular, direct U.S. employee of HP or HPE -- or are in the process of leaving -- join the HP Alumni Association. No charge, thanks to HPAA's Supporting Members.

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