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Operated by former employees who volunteer their time. Not endorsed or supported by the company.

Acquisitions, divestitures, and spinoffs

This is our unofficial directory of 157 acquisitions -- and 30 divestitures and spinoffs -- by HP, HP Inc, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. (Minority stakes are not included.) 
The most recent events are highlighted. Updated September 1, 2017.

Additions to the directory are suggested by HPAA members and verified via news articles or annual reports.

Other sources of information on HP's acquisitions and divestitures:

  • HP. The original press releases announcing major acquisitions since 2000 are available on HP's Investor Relations site. (HP's list does not include minor acquisitions, divestitures, product line acquisitions, development team acquisitions, or acquisitions of customer IT departments through outsourcing contracts.) 

  • Wikipedia. Links to news articles and press releases covering many acquisitions are provided in a table on the Wikipedia. (Note: Wikipedia articles -- since they can be written, rewritten, or edited by anyone -- may not be accurate or current, often change dramatically over time, may not cover all aspects of the topic consistently, and may not be written from a neutral point of view.)

Dates given are generally the date of closure, not the date of announcement.

To add or correct a listing, please email.

There are independent alumni networks for many of the acquired and successor companies. For our directory of networks, groups, and websites for current and former Hewlett-Packard people around the world: Networking Directory.  






 3Com 4/10  
 3PAR 9/10  
A ActiveState. 7/15    
  Agilent Technologies (Spinoff from HP. Stockholder info) 6/99
 AOT (Applied Optoelectronic Technology)  1991  
 Apollo 4/89  
 AppIQ 10/05  
 ArcSight (HPE to Micro Focus) 9/10 9/17
 Aruba Networks 3/15  
  Autonomy (portions; HPE to Micro Focus) HPE stockholder info  Whitman's statement 10/11 9/17
 Avantek 11/91  
 AverStar Compiler Team 2/01  
BBaltimore Technologies (Select Access product line) 9/03  
 Bilderservice/PIXACO 12/05  
 Bivins and Caldwell (sales representatives) 1963  
 Bluestone Software 1/01  
 Bitfone 2/07  
 Boonton Radio 1959  
 Bristol Technology 3/07  
 BT&D Technologies 1993  
CCDS (formerly Synstar) 10/04  
 CEC Europe Service Management 5/04  
 CGNZ Ltd 9/05  
 Cloud Cruiser (HPE) 1/17  
 Cloud Technology Partners (HPE) 9/17  
 CoCreate spinoff 9/00
 Colorado Memory Systems 9/92  
 Colubris Networks 10/08  
 Comdisco Availability Solutions 8/01  
 Compaq  (Stockholder info) 5/02  
 Consera 2/04  
 ConteXtream 5/15  
 Convex 9/95  
 Credit Union employees left HP payroll in 2003   
 Crossley Associates (sales representatives) 1963  
 CSC-New Zealand 12/01  
 CSL Lab (to Intel) 9/01
D Data Systems Inc. (from Union Carbide) 1966  
 Datamec 1965  
 David Vision Systems (HPI) 7/16 
 Dazel 6/99 
 DEC (Compaq) 5/02  
 Delcon (telephone field test instruments) 1965 1984
 DeskTalk Systems (Trinagy) 8/01  
 Digital GlobalSoft (DGS) (from 50.1% to 97% ownership) (Compaq) 1/04  
 DirectPointe (Printelligent) 1/11  
 DP-Tek 7/96  
 DXC Technology (the CSC+HPE spinoff. HPE stockholder info )   4/4/17
 Dymec 1959  
E Edge Emitter Technology (asset acquisition) 1994  
 EDISA (Brazil) 1994  
 EDS (Electronic Data Systems) HPAA's guide for EDS stockholders 
  (to DXC, the CSC+HPE spinoff. HPE stockholder info )
8/08 4/4/17
 EEsof 1993  
  Enterprise Services Business
(to DXC, the CSC+HPE spinoff. HPE stockholder info )
11/15 4/4/17
 Eon Systems 1989  
  Eucalyptus Systems 9/14  
 Exstream Software 3/08  
 Extreme Logic 8/03  
 EYP Mission Critical Facilities 2/08  
F F&M Scientific 1965  
 Fortify Software 8/10  
H H3C Technologies (3Com; to HP; to 49% joint venture with Tsinghua University) 4/10 10/15
  Halo Visual Collaboration Business to Polycom to Mitel 7/11
 Harrison Labs 1962  
 HCL Hewlett-Packard (26% joint venture with HCL) 1991 1997
 Heartstream (to Agilent, to Phillips) 3/98  
  Hewlett-Packard Company (Renamed HP Inc. Stockholder info) 11/15
  Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Singular and no hyphen: internal training video)
  Spinoff from HP. Stockholder info
  Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software to Micro Focus) HPE stockholder info  Whitman's statement  MicroFocus-HPES Portfolio 4/1/17 9/17
 Hewlett-Packard Japan (from 75% to 100%) 1999  
 Hewlett-Packard Korea (from 55% to 100%) 1998  
 Hiflex Software 12/11  
 HiPerformance Systems (South Africa) 1997  
 Horman Associates (sales representatives) 1963  
 HP Credit Union employees left HP payroll in 2003   
 HP Inc. (Hewlett-Packard Company was renamed HP Inc. Stockholder info 11/15
 Hupe & Busch 1973  
I IBRIX 8/09  
 Idacom 8/90  
 Indigo (Stockholder info) 3/02  
 INTRIA (100% of 10/98 joint venture with CIBC) 11/02  
 Itanium Processor Team (to Intel) 12/04
K Keysight (Spinoff from Agilent. Stockholder info)  
 Knightsbridge Solutions 12/06  
L Lahana & Company (sales representatives) 1963  
 LaserMaster (to ColorSpan, to MacDermid) 6/97  
 LED lighting products (HP to Agilent, then to Philips)  
 LeftHand Networks 10/08  
 Lipscomb Associates (sales representatives) 1962  
 Logoworks 8/08  
M MacDermid ColorSpan 11/07  
 ManageOne 5/04  
  Marketing Optimization Software Team (Autonomy > HP > OpenText) 10/11 4/16
 MarketSplash (Logoworks) 8/08  
 Melodeo 6/10  
 Mercury Interactive (Stockholder info) (HPE to Micro Focus) 11/06 9/17
 Metrix Network Systems 5/93  
  Mphasis Headquarters: Bangalore. Was 61% owned by EDS then by HP.
HP share sold
in 2016. "In conjunction with the sale, HPE also entered into a five-year renewal
of its existing master services agreement with Mphasis, whereby Mphasis will continue to
provide strategic service delivery capabilities to HPE." --HPE Announcement 
As of March 2017: 22,000 total headcount; 24% of revenue from HP/DXC.
DXC announced a "new Solution Partner Relationship" in May 2017.
2006 9/16
 Moseley 1958  
 Motionbox (to Snapfish) 7/10  
NNeely Enterprises (sales representatives) 1963  
 Neoware 10/07  
 Niara (HPE)   Announcement 3/17  
 Nimble Storage (HPE)  Announcement 3/17  
 Novadigm 2/04  
 NUR Macroprinters 2/08  
 NuView manageX line 12/97  
O Opelin 2/08  
 Open Skies 10/98 12/00
 Opsware (HPE to Micro Focus) 9/07 9/17
 Optotech 11/89  
 OuterBay 2/06  
P Palm 7/10  
 Panacom Automation 1983  
 Peregrine Systems  (HPE to Micro Focus) 9/05 9/17
 Performant (Mercury) 5/03  
 Persist 11/03  
 Phoenix virtualization product line 6/10  
 PipeBeach 7/03  
 PIXACO (Bilderservice) 12/05  
 PolyServe 4/07  
 Printelligent 6/11  
 Procter & Gamble IT 6/03  
 Prolin 6/97  
RRiverstone Networks (technology) 6/04  
 RLX Technologies 10/05  
 RMC Associates (sales representatives) 1963  
 I.E. Robinson Company (sales representatives) 1962  
SSamsung Hewlett-Packard (from 55% to 100%) 1998  
  Samsung Printer Business (HPI) HPI announcement plan:
 Sanborn (to Agilent to Philips Medical) 1961  
 Scitex Vision 8/05  
 SGI (Silicon Graphics) (HPE) 8/16  
 Secureware Internet security (product line) 2/96  
 Select Access (product line) 9/03  
 Shunra 4/14  
 Silverwire 6/06  
  SimpliVity Announcement 2/17  
  Snapfish (District Photo to HP to District Photo) 4/05 10/15
 SpinCircuit (joint venture with Cadence and Flextronics) 4/00 3/03
 StorageApp 9/01  
 SPI Dynamics 8/07  
 Stiles Associates (sales representatives) 1963  
 Stackato (business) 7/15  
 Stratavia 8/10  
 Symantec Networking 4/97  
 Synstar 10/04  
 Systinet (Mercury) 1/06  
T Tabblo 4/07  
 Talking Blocks 9/03  
 Tandem (Compaq) 5/02  
 Telegra 5/99  
 The Technology Partners, SpA (TTP) 6/06  
 TI Data Systems Group 10/92  
 TippingPoint (3Com to HP to Trend Micro) 2005 10/15
 Tower Software Engineering (HPE to Micro Focus) 6/08 9/17
 Transoft Networks 5/99  
 Triaton 2/04  
 Trinagy 8/01  
 Trustgenix 11/05  
 TruLogica 4/05  
UUNIX System Labs (technology and developers)     1996  
V Varian Quantum Electronics 1966  
  VeriFone (to Gores Technology) 4/97 5/01
 Versatest 1994  
 Vertica (HPE to Micro Focus) 3/11 9/17
 Voltage Security 5/15  
 VoodooPC 9/06  
WWireless Systems Division (to Lucent) 3/98
Y Yewell Associates (sales representatives) 1963  
 Yokogawa Analytical (from 51% HP to 100% Agilent) 2/06  
 Yokogawa-Hewlett-Packard (from 49% to 75%) 1983  

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