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HP/HPE retiree enrollment tips and traps. (Nov 9, 2022.)

From former employees of HP and HPE.   

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Question? Email: info@hpalumni.org

Trap: Don't blindly renew plans -- especially drug plans: hpalumni.org/health-compare

Trap: Verify plan coverage by calling admins at your providers -- doctors, hospital, etc. hpalumni.org/health-callprovider

HP/HPE enrollment deadlines are soft deadlines. Medicare deadlines are not. The real deadlines: hpalumni.org/health-deadlines

Didn't get an Enrollment Guide? We have copies: hpalumni.org/EnrollmentGuides

Enrollment Guide tip. They are very complex. Download and use search feature to find specific words or phrases. hpalumni.org/EnrollmentGuides

Phone numbers and websites for HPInc, HPE, and AlightRHS enrollment: hpalumni.org/BenefitsCenters.

Escalate retiree benefits issues to HPInc, HPE, or AlightRHS: hpalumni.org/escalate

Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and Covered California. Links and deadlines. hpalumni.org/health-other

COBRA health benefits continuation -- including premium assistance under the American Rescue Plan: hpalumni.org/cobra

HPInc. Changes after the Enrollment Guides were printed -- document not on the MyHPBenefits site: hpalumni.org/EnrollmentGuides

HPInc. Re-enrollment restrictions. hpalumni.org/health-re-enrollment-HPInc

HPInc. MyHPBenefits navigation secrets. To revisit the plans available to you next year -- or find key documents, such as features of HP medical options: hpalumni.org/health-myHPBenefits

HPInc. Trap if you have 3-year subsidy due to end next year. MyHPBenefits and personalized cover letter incorrectly show the same rate for entire year. hpalumni.org/health-health-three-year

HPE. Re-enrollment restrictions. https://hpalumni.org/health-re-enrollment-HPE

HPE. Issues with HPE Benefits Center. If you didn't get an enrollment packet, call Bswift -- and also go online: hpalumni.org/BenefitsCenters. We have 2023 copies (Cover: Couple at amusement park. Kissing a stuffed penguin.) hpalumni.org/EnrollmentGuides

Comparing health plans. What to watch for. Member advice: hpalumni.org/health-compare

Get accurate Medicare info. Lots of oversimplified or out-of-date info, disguised sales pitches, and scams in media or online. Guide to using the excellent official sources: hpalumni.org/medicare-basics

Medicare trap could cost you for years. Sign up for Medicare when first eligible. Medicare basics:  hpalumni.org/medicare

Medicare Advantage vs Original Medicare. Place your bet. hpalumni.org/medicare-advantage

Alight Retiree Healthcare Solutions -- who are they? hpalumni.org/medicare-open-market

Why are Medicare plans from HP/HPE so much more expensive than individual, open-market plans through AlightRHS? hpalumni.org/medicare-group

AlightRHS does not offer all Medicare plans potentially available in your area. hpalumni.org/medicare-open-market

"Pre-2003" HP Retiree Program. The confusing name refers to the year when HP implemented it. HP's official qualification rules: hpalumni.org/Pre2003

Why are HP/HPE group plan costs going up? hpalumni.org/health-cost

HP never made any explicit commitment to provide free lifetime retiree health insurance: hpalumni.org/health-future

Classified as a retiree or former employee of which HP-related companies? You may be surprised. hpalumni.org/WhichCompany

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