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Advice from HPAA members on what to do before losing access to HP internal systems... and in the following few weeks

ASAP Checklist

Rev. 6/25/13

For more mutual help on these topics, join the HP Alumni Association. You are eligible to join the HP Alumni Association if you were formerly a regular, direct employee of HP or have a defined WFR, layoff, EER, retirement, resignation, or termination date. The Hewlett-Packard Alumni Association is an independent volunteer organization of former HP employees and current HP employees in the process of leaving. It has rapidly grown to more than 25,000 members.

The association is operated by former HP employees who volunteer their time. It is not endorsed or supported by the Hewlett‑Packard Company. Thanks to the HPAA's Supporting Members and Sponsors, there is no charge to join.

You should join the HPAA immediately if you have a defined WFR, layoff, EER, retirement, resignation, or termination date. (If you have difficulty joining, please email HPAA.)

Note: Some of the information and advice on this unofficial website reflects previous HP WFR, layoff, EER, retirement, and termination programs. Read carefully all information provided to you by HP regarding the current program – including printouts of all the online information. Mark it up and become completely familiar with it.

Email for questions, additions, or corrections

You will find that leaving HP is roughly a quarter-time job for a couple of months.

Urgent Action Items

Be sure to use HP's official "Leaving HP" site accessible outside the HP firewall: http://www.hp.com/leaving_hp   
login=leaving  password=HP (case-sensitive)

The HPAA has old copies of certain documents ( http://www.hpalumni.org/eer ) Wherever possible, you should use current copies obtained directly from HP.

In addition to what the HP documents tell you, there are some urgent action items before you lose HP internal access:

  1. Legal Documents. Print out anything provided by HP via web or email regarding the terms of your termination, retirement, or severance program. Study and mark them up. You may need to reference this later.

  2. Stock Options. Print out your HP stock options history and determine if you have unexercised options that will expire upon termination. You need to get your options report twice – before your termination date and again after your termination date. The report you get before you leave doesn't tell you what will happen to your options after you leave -- for example, the expiration date may be pulled forward. The key: Options are not compensation that you have earned they are designed to retain you as an employee. Once you leave, unexercised options are only relevant to the company as a potential expense.

  3. Earnings Statements. Switch your earnings statements from online back to paper, if appropriate, and print out the most recent earnings statements and any other online-only statements you want to keep.

  4. Floating Holiday. Consume your Floating Holiday. (Note: State laws vary on payment for unused vacation time. Also, non-exempt employees must download a paper timecard and fax it to HP to not delay processing for PTO.)

  5. Flexible Spending Account. Check on the amount you have available and the rules for using it. You many have to use up the balance before your last day.

  6. Credit Card. Move out any company credit card points before your card is cancelled.

  7. Share Ownership Plan. If you participate in the Share Ownership Plan, study and print information you'll need later for selling shares and doing taxes.

  8. Email and phone:
    - If you have any personal email or landline calls directed to your HP address or landline phone number, notify your senders to change the address/number they have for you.
    - If you have any personal data in an online address book or similar, copy it out.
    - Your HP email account, email autoreply, and phone number will vanish on or before your last day. (This is the only information that people will get: "Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table.")
    - You can get a free or low-cost email account in a few minutes (member advice here.)  Send an email to US HR Operations at eer-ushrops@hp.com giving them your personal email address.

  9. Cell phone. If you have a company-paid cell phone account, you need to either set up a new cell phone account (with a new number) and notify your callers -- or use the form on the HP site to have the cell phone number reassigned to your personal cell phone account. Your HP cell phone number may vanish quickly.

  10. Patents. Look up your HP patent incentives status.

  11. eAwards. Check your eAwards account and use up those points (even if it is in the form of a debit card).

  12. Long Term Care Insurance. Retirees, consider whether to sign up for Long Term Care Insurance. Supposedly you can elect to take that coverage after retirement, but it might be safer to elect it now and cancel it later if you change your mind.

  13. HPShopping. Change your email address at hpshopping.com to a non-HP email address. Difficult and slow to change after you lose access. (You may need to buy a new system to replace your HP-owned equipment.)

  14. Evaluations. Print out copies of your most recent performance evaluations. (If you don't have copies, call HP HR Operations at 1-800-890-3100. When prompted say "HR Operations." Request your entire HR file.)

  15. Training History. Print out the list of courses that you have taken through the company for your files and to help with your resume.

  16. Corporate travel sites. If you have an account on a corporate travel site -- such as Carlson Wagonlit -- remove your personal membership information -- i.e. frequent flyer numbers, hotel loyalty account, driver's license, etc.

  17. For more mutual help on these topics, join the HP Alumni Association. Click here to join.

Convenience Tasks

While it's still convenient to do so, also do these things before losing HP intranet access:

  1. W4. Consider filing a revised W4 with HP online, to decrease your tax withholding. Increase your exemptions if you expect a large FTO payout.

  2. 401(k). Consider increasing your 401(k) contributions to reduce income taxes.

  3. Share Ownership Plan. Consider dropping out of the Share Ownership Plan early to quickly receive a refund of contributions that won't be used to buy shares.

  4. Retirement Plan. Print your the statements for your applicable retirement plans -- such as the Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP) and the Retirement Plan (RP).

  5. Reimbursements. Consider the status of your reimbursement accounts while you're still on the payroll.

  6. Life Insurance. Pay for continuing life insurance before the grace period expires.

  7. Credit. Take loans, refinance, or establish lines of credit while still employed.

  8. Product Gifts. Consider using the HP Product Gift Matching Program to give an HP product grant at a discount from the list price.

  9. Arrange for your Retirement Gift with your manager or department admin.

  10. Health coverage. Call the Benefits Center to go over your specific situation in detail -- which may include COBRA, reimbursement accounts, Medicare, coverage for dependents, etc. (1-800-890-3100 -- choose "HP Benefits Center" -- or direct at 1-847-883-0465 outside US, Puerto Rico, or Canada.)

Your Last Week

Tips from HPAA members on how to handle your last week:

  1. Don't wait until the last day to straighten up your personal computer files and pack your stuff this takes time. Don't be out of town your last week. Members report that possessions, books, and personal email address files easily get lost as the company prepares to move on without you. Don't forget your plaques and certificates.

  2. Have your new email address set up to give to people. Your HP email account, autoreply, phone number, and cell number will vanish quickly perhaps before your last day.

  3. Take the time to talk to people and say goodbye (they won't fire you, for goodness sake!) If you can't reach someone, send an individual, personalized email.

  4. If you send a farewell email don't spam the entire business unit. Remember that these are people who may become your employers, co-workers, or business partners in the future. .

  5. Do your own simple lunch the week after even if there is an official lunch. You can even invite people who are already gone. A bona fide celebration is an important part of the emotional transition process. Leaving a job even if eagerly and happily has an impact of almost the same magnitude as a death in the family. Don't skip this part of working through the emotional steps.

  6. Take full advantage of any career transition workshops and program even if you are not sure that you will be looking for a job. Find out how soon you must start the program after your last day at HP.

  7. Use the HPAA and LinkedIn to reconnect with people you worked with in the past. You will be surprised at the help some will give.

  8. This is a beginning as well as an end.

Additional Information from HPAA Members

Other pages on this site have information on:

  1. Questions to ask if you are offered early retirement the "Golden Boot."

  2. Moving your personal business off HP's systems.

  3. Setting up professional email.

  4. Flexible Spending Account "Your Spending Account" -- including the Dependent Care Claim Form and the Health Care Claim Form.

  5. Employment and Salary Verification.

  6. Where are my stock records?

  7. HP employee stock purchase cost basis; HP investor purchase cost basis.

  8. Stock of predecessor and spinoff companies.

Email for questions, additions, or corrections 


The Hewlett-Packard Alumni Association is operated by former HP employees who volunteer their time. It is not endorsed or supported by the Hewlett‑Packard Company.


The HPAA is made possible by Supporting Members and Sponsors.

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